MEM-GEMS™ are specially crafted laboratory-grown sapphires that can project a customized image.

Mem-Gem wall projection

Mem-Gems enable truly personalized jewelry

Laser illumination reveals image

Laser light bounces off an optically reflective Mem-Gem to project your image.

Compatible with any jewelry

Mem-Gems are compatible with any jewelry, including rings, necklaces and pendants.

Jewelery How-to

Jesus Mem-Gem

New Custom Batch COMING SOON!

Batch of Mem-Gems

Mem-Gems are made in a batch process with multiple manufactured simultaneously onto one laboratory-grown sapphire wafer.

Individual Mem-Gem

Each Mem-Gem contains a unique image, invisible in regular light, that appears with laser illumination.

Coming soon

Mem-Gems are not currently available for sale, but please sign up below to be notified of free giveaways in advance of the next batch!

I just got my Mem-Gem and all I can say is "Wow!"  This thing is so cool!  Thank you so much for everything!  I really appreciated all the communication and updates throughout the process. I had told my wife I was getting her something super cool and I've been so excited about it that I almost let it slip  like once a week, haha.


The ring is finished and it looks great, I got my laser pointer in the mail today too and the gems works wonderfully, thank you so much


Came out great. Thanks so much


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