How to integrate Mem-Gems into jewelry

I have been getting a lot of questions from customer about how to integrated Mem-Gems into jewelry.
Mem-Gems are designed so that a laser will bounce off the R-GEM™ to form an image on a wall. Below is an a schematic that shows the idea.

The R-GEM™ is elliptical, and designed for a laser to bounce-off at a shallow-angle of 30 degrees. The R-GEM™ is 2.5 mm wide and x 4.5 mm long, with a thickness of 0.43 mm. There is a metal coating on the etched side of the R-GEM™. Laser light is designed to pass through the laboratory-grown sapphire, bounce off the metal, and pass back through the laboratory-grown sapphire before leaving to form an image.

The metal-coated side is somewhat fragile and prone to scratching. It has a gold hue (yes there's real gold on there!). The flat laboratory-grown sapphire side appears more metallic in color and is very robust against scratches. Because sapphire is so hard, the only thing hard enough to scratch the laboratory-grown sapphire side is a diamond!

There are an infinitely many possible ways to integrate Mem-Gems into jewelry. Below is one idea, with the Mem-Gem set in a ring. I am planning to try to make something like this for my own wedding band (a work in progress!)

reflection ring


Your local jeweler should be able to help you set Mem-Gems into the jewelry of your choice!

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